Sunday, October 28, 2007

Food Police

That's what my father in-law calls me. He's of the 60's "chemicals make the world a better place" mindset. I've been struggling with my in-laws for years, they will not respect my choice to feed my kids additive free foods. On Friday, my kids went to Grandma's to practice basketball, Grandpa ran out to the store to pick-up "their favorite chips" tato skins. I've never bought them, so being my kids favorite was news to me. I looked at the bag, no surprise there were so many chemical additives and preservatives (many I could not pronounce). I tried in vain to convince them that the stuff they are feeding my kids is dangerous. I found a web site that gives the effects of additives on children and people with allergies. I'm hoping they will come around with more information. It may not seem like a big deal afterall, they don't eat those things often. However, because they are not used to the chemicals and additives, the effects are worse for them. If my kids consume artificial colors and high fructose corn syrup, they literally go bezerk. MSG and other flavor enhancers cause headaches and dehydration. Their little bodies can't handle it. They get stomach aches and end up feeling bad for a day. I looked up an additive called TBHQ (it's in French's fried onions) it keeps the fat from oxidizing. It's linked to stomach ulcers that lead to cancer and actually alter the DNA of the test rats. Please read you lables! If you can't buy organic, choose a product with the most natural ingredients and the fewest additives. Food Police signing out!


Anonymous said...

Um, TBHQ is supposed to keep the fat from oxidizing, it's an antioxidant! So is beta carotene, lycopene, and vitamins C and E. Do you understand how antioxidants work? They are very purposeful in rendering free radicals harmless. Free radicals are by-products that are naturally formed when oxygen is used by cells. These free radicals are molecules with a missing electron. They will take an electron from wherever they can to fill in that empty space, including from healthy cells in the body, causing cell damage and even disease. Antioxidants have an excess of electrons to donate and can thereby stabilize and counteract the harmful effects of free radicals. Unlike beta carotene and other naturally occurring antioxidants TBHQ is a manufactured antioxidant much like baby formula is a manufactured alternative to breast milk. Both are generally considered safe although some people have also been sensitive to them. Ever known of any babies who were unable to tolerate certain kinds of formula? Sure, but for the most part formula fed babies do just fine. TBHQ is simply a manufactured antioxidant made up of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. If you rely on the Internet you are certain to find an argument to back up any perspective. Many of them are borne of panic or fear and are missing critical information. Likewise, just about anything in massive doses on a daily basis over an extended period of time will cause cancer, tumors, mutations, etc. Over-consumption of something as simple as water can cause death! Be careful of what you read. Natural is best but not all chemicals are automatically bad.

Yoga Trish said...

I think you are massively missing the point I am trying to make. I never said that all natural things are good, I never said that all chemicals are bad. I prefer no food additives. Vitamins e and c naturally occur in food, TBHQ does not! If you want to leave your comment, please don't be condescending!

Yoga Trish said...

In reference to your concern regarding the source I used for gathering information, I used the AACR website.
I also read several studies that were published with findings that suppport the cancer causing effects of exposure to TBHQ.