Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Smell of Fall

As I hugged my kids after school today, I smelled fall on their hair and clothes. Cool, sharp and crisp. It makes me long for a long walk in an apple orchard,with some sunshine and a cool breeze.

Raspberry picking last week was a little too cold to enjoy it as much as I could have. I picked 7 quarts and made 22 jars of jam. I's color is like a brilliant ruby and the flavor is so saturated and rich. Yummmmmmm!

Get some time in your schedule to walk outside and marvel at the Fall colors. If you have never visited a place like Michigan, Google picture a Fall colors picture of Northern Michigan. It is sheer majesty!


Jen Revere Saad said...

Yummy post! I could smell the apples and hear crunchy leaves! I haven't caught up on blogland in so long... been only letting out some blurps here and there on FB. Are you on it yet? If so, find me: Jen Revere Saad

Jen Revere Saad said...

One more thing...OH my, I love the picture in your header!! Is that You?? If so, where was this dreamy shot taken?

Yoga Trish said...

I will look you up. No that is not me but it could be. I got the photo from Dreamstime.