Thursday, July 17, 2008

Happy Day

The majesty of my purple cone flowers in full bloom, GORGEOUS!!
HAPPY 11th Birthday Alex!!!

My awareness of the goodness in my life and in life in general is enhanced evermore by the words and feedback I receive from others. I have been so lucky to hear about and share great news, successes and challenges that people face on a daily basis. I always say that if things are bad they can be worse. If something negative happens, it is usually for a reason (although it may not be readily apparent). It's hard to see this and accept it, but ultimately you are only in control of a small part of your existence. Our circle of influence is just that a circle, some are bigger than others. I can influence my family but they have the free will to choose. Peacefulness and happiness are attainable and enhanced by our ability to be flexible and go with situations. A friend told me that she appreciated that I encourage people to see and appreciate the small, free, and ever present parts of life and the world that should be noticed more. She told me that she agreed that happiness is a state of mind and that it is an internal attribute, but that without God in our lives we are lost. I completely agree. My strong foundation and sense of happiness comes from knowing that I am okay, I'm just fine. I want for nothing and appreciate what I have (I'd love a new kitchen, but I'm happy that I have one). Our church sent supplies and a group of people to serve as a medical service unit to a huge dump outside Mexico City. One hundred thousand people live in this dump. Mothers forage through trash to find food for their children; and cook it in a tin can, in their cardboard shelter. Makes me really appreciate what I have. Material goods make one comfortable but not happy. Reach into your inner child and connect with fun and simple things that bring a smile to your face.

Love and Light! Namaste~Tricia


All About Witchcraft and Spells said...

I like the way you write.

Yoga Trish said...

Thanks, it just comes out that way.